Airplay monitoring for radio and television music programmers

Radiomonitor is used by music programmers and schedulers at over 400 radio and TV stations across Europe and the Middle East

By combining powerful competitor analysis with local, national and international trends, Radiomonitor has become an indispensable tool for music stations of all sizes and formats.

Service overview

From over 150 locations we monitor the music played on over 4700 radio and TV stations. Our powerful online analysis tools allow music programmers to use this data to better understand their direct competitors as well as to watch trends emerge across other markets or on similar stations in other countries.

Who uses Radiomonitor?

Radiomonitor is used by some of the best known radio and TV operators, such as the BBC, NRJ, SBS and RTL as well as many other media groups, public broadcasters and independent stations.

Radiomonitor is also used by all major record labels as well as artists, managers, label services and performing rights organisations.

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