Airplay monitoring for the music industry

Radiomonitor is the industry standard airplay monitoring service used by all major record labels as well as artists, managers, label services and performing rights organisations across Europe.

We monitor music airplay across Europe, Canada, South Africa, Australasia and the Middle East and compile daily airplay charts for 90 countries as well as providing powerful in-depth analysis to all parts of the record industry.

Service overview

From over 150 locations we monitor the music played on over 4700 radio and TV stations. This data is combined with localised meta data such as estimated audience, station groupings and formats and then made available in near real-time through a powerful suite of online analysis tools.

  • Title reports and analysis by station, station group, region, country and territory.
  • Over 9,000 daily airplay charts by plays and by estimated audience across stations, station groups, regions, countries and territories.
  • Emailed alerts for plays of specific tracks.
  • Full stations logs.
  • Extensive comparative charts and graphs.

The Radiomonitor team

Our expert team have over 190 years of combined experience monitoring and analysing the music played on radio and TV.

Please contact us if you require any more information.