Internet radio and content delivery for radio stations

Radiomonitor is the largest independent provider of radio streaming services in the UK and Ireland, providing a fully managed and scalable streaming platform to 100s of radio stations.

We have a broadcaster's perspective to online radio, ensuring the same network resilience, backup sources and facilities that you would expect from a terrestrial transmission provider.

Our pricing structure is based on actual rather than projected usage and we ignore the peak 24 hours of each month, so that periodic listener spikes for live sport or very popular shows and interviews etc. won't result in sudden cost increases.

Typical configuration

A typical radio configuration will have a fully managed Radiomonitor encoder at the studio sending out a single high quality stream to our content delivery network. There it can be transcoded into multiple formats such as AAC+ and multiple MP3 bitrates for maximum compatibility with all devices. This can be combined with a reserve source from either another studio or completely off-site from one of our receiving sites, for maximum resilience.

Source switching and backups

Each output stream can have multiple sources which can be selected via our online source switcher or set to automatically cascade through reserve sources all the way to a pre-recorded programme in the event of a link or encoder fault.


We provide live and historic online stats for all streams showing listeners numbers for each output format as well as monthly listener hours, for music licensing etc.

Our clients include Celador, UTV, Anglia, the Royal Society of Arts and Orion media.

Please contact us if you require any more information.