Broadcast monitoring systems for media monitoring and PR

Radiomonitor powers many of the best known broadcast monitoring companies and PR agencies, providing a fully managed and cost effective alternative to in-house recording infrastructure.

Whether used on an ad-hoc basis or fully integrated into your existing systems, you will have immediate online access to your interviews, PR activity and promotions, 24 hours a day.

Broadcast logging systems for radio and TV stations

Radiomonitor provides transmission and competitor recording systems for most UK radio broadcasters as well as radio and TV stations across Europe, Canada and the Middle East.

We can either install a dedicated logger at your studio and/or set up an off-site, off-air recording system at one of our over 150 sites. Our online portal will give you instant access to all of your broadcasts, from all of your stations, from any browser, with no software to install or maintain.

The Radiomonitor recording system can capture audio, video and events from a direct input, DAB, FM/AM, DVB-T,S and C or online in a huge variety of formats and bitrates. The system can also automatically create clips and deliver them in any format straight to content aggregators such as websites and podcast services etc.

Please contact us if you require any more information.